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Weights & Tests: Strengthening

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Dear Champion Leaders -

Many times in life, trials come to test us & increase our strength. The manner in which we endure these tests can strengthen us and make us more equipped for the weight of our purpose and assignments. I was reminded of this notion during my weightlifting session.

Today my trainer added 40 more lbs of weight on certain exercises compared to when I started weightlifting after an eighteen year break. Last month I learned foundational information, including proper form. He revealed today: “to be able to carry & lift heavier weights, I’ve got to add more weights than you are used to.”🥴

This rings true in life too. 🤔

Similarly, when living as a disciple of Jesus Christ, there is indeed progression, but not without discomfort, testing, and victories - of course! According to the Bible, “these trials are only to test your faith, to see whether or not it is strong and pure. It is being tested as fire tests gold and purifies it—and your faith is far more precious to God than mere gold; so if your faith remains strong after being tried in the test tube of fiery trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day of his return.” (1 Peter 1:7-9)

Therefore one MUST go thru inevitable tests to gain a testimony of overcoming, increased confidence, progression, strength, courage and boldness. God’s grace is sufficient and His power works best in weakness. Therefore, be honest and boast in your shortcomings and weaknesses to God in your intimate time, so the power of Christ can work through you. (2 Corinthians 12:9).

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