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The Restored Tribe™

Many Hands Make Light Work

One of my favorite pastimes deals with creatively exploring new hairstyles!

Afros, weaves, braids, silk press, twists, color - oh my! As the braiding session started in Harlem (NYC), one woman meticulously braided my hair. Then the afternoon turned into evening and another professional braider joined in her efforts. Together they finished the task of finishing my beautiful plaits in an appropriate timeframe for a school night. It was clear that partnering up was an established culture within the braiding shop; it was a trusted method that completed the task with efficiency. I welcomed the extra hand. The process was tedious, but possible. I looked a bit rough and haggered in the middle of the process and the expert braider was probably hungry and tired too. However, I noticed the added hands seemed to boost the morale, motivation and mood. The African proverb is true: "many hands make light work."

What if we all accomplished our major health tasks in a safe community?

How would being active in a health community impact productivity and motivation? Compare executing major tasks in isolation vs. using a collective support system?

In the pursuit of enhancing our health and wellness lifestyle, Champ Restoration™ has organized a tribe that not only welcomes, but thrives with a positive group of women needing someone else to keep it moving forward alongside her. Perhaps, your current group of friends are stagnate within their pursuit of healthy lifestyles.

  • What do you do in these instances?

  • Slow down and not produce?

  • Solely rely on our own willpower that has only motivated us to accomplish 2 workouts times per month?

Absolutely not, we persist! We intentionally seek an amazingly fun, yet mature and productive group, such as Restored Tribe. The hope is to find a group compatible with your values and personality and will help us enjoy the health journey so much better than by ourselves! The Restored Tribe seeks to grow in progress NOT perfection. The goal is not to be a size 4. Similarly, in the process of sanctification it is about continuous spiritual growth, our overall health is similar. The goal is not to be like our sister to the left or right, but our goal is to continuously become the best version of who are purposed to be.

We are a community that indulges in real talk, real love, and real celebration, so we feel we are not alone in our wellness journey.

As a licensed special education teacher of 10 years and a certified integrative health coach, creating warm, welcoming atmospheres brings me joy, so this would extend to the Restored Tribe community. The goal of the Restored Tribe is to continuously become progressively healthier from the inside and out while having fun. My definition of heath is defined as sound mind, body & spirit. Within Restored Tribe you will find a supportive, accountable community, which we celebrate and work together to be more efficient in pursuing our goals, not limited to physical health. Similarly to the professional braiders in that Harlem braiding shop, they mastered the practice of collective work and responsibility. Truly efficient and accomplished women help and receive help from their sister because they know many hands, make light work!

This beautiful braided masterpiece would not happen without the teamwork of the talented women.

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