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Plant Boost

I 💚 nature, so these unexpected plant gifts add an amazing presence in my home. 🌱 Plants are therapeutic, adds color and texture to an otherwise lifeless indoor spaces.

A research study revealed that the presence of more than three indoor plants in homes and businesses enhances mood and aids in refocusing our energy. And with plants, bigger is better. The larger the plants, the better the mood of the research subjects. Also, an increase in the number of plants reduced the feeling of weariness.

According to the American Society for Horticultural Science, just having a clear view through the window of vegetation outside has proven to boost mood, combat depression and increase overall feelings of wellness. Plants 🌱 and 💐 help boost any indoor atmosphere! Grateful for a bit more ☀️ indoors. 💕

How are you going to enhance your indoor space?

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