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How IIN Changed My Life

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Since December 2017, I started to experiment & switch my (food) lifestyle, which helped me change my palate, gain energy, lose inches/weight, and spend less money food shopping. Intentionally eating less or no meat (for wks) my own designed program has taught me more about discipline than my 10 + years of running, including collegiate competition! I praise God for the constant nudgings for me to attend Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).

As a result, a couple of my students, colleagues, and community members have started the process to improve their wellness - simply by following the model of my healthier habits learned from my integrative nutrition health coaching certification program, (e.g. see my Instagram photos for receipts). It’s so exciting to teach outside of the four walls of a traditional classroom. I can't wait for further impact! 


My graduation - July 2018, but the learning never stops.

More positive changes to come... 

QUESTIONS • What about YOU? YOUR goals?  • How are YOU working toward personal development?

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